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Commercial Inspections

Commercial Inspections

Commercial inspections include all buildings that are NOT four (4) dwelling units or less or mixed use properties. We have the training necessary to perform your commercial inspection. All commercial inspections comply with ASTM E2018-01 Standards. This assures the inspection your request will be recognized by commercial lenders and insurance carriers.

Commercial properties require a different type of inspection and are individually designed to suite the user's needs. All commercial inspections are customizable and a scope of work will be developed prior to any inspection taking place. That way you as the user are in control and assured your expectations are being met. Please visit some of the links below to determine what you may want included in your inspection.

The objective of the physical inspection is to visually observe the subject property so as to obtain information on material systems and components for the purposes of providing a brief description, identifying physical deficiencies to the extent that they are observable, and obtaining information needed to address such issues in the Inspection Report. Only a single site visit is required, but depending on the size and scope of the Inspection, multiple trips may be warranted. These requirements shall be mutually agreed to by the Inspector/Consultant and the Client/User.

Basic Commercial Inspection

This inspection applies to all buildings that do not have poly-phase electrical service supplying the building and a typical heating system (Forced Air, Hot Water, or Steam) under 200,000 BTU/Hr of input capacity. This is a single trip inspection and covers properties up to 2000 square feet. No American Disabilities Act (ADA) review is included but can be added on to this inspection if required. Prices start at $0.08 per Square Foot.We're looking forward to working with you on your project.

Please give us a call 904-703-6847 to discuss this inspection with you!

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